Have Your Birthday Party at Rockin’ Jump

Looking for birthday party plans?  If you’re like us at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro, you look forward to seeing the huge smile on your child’s face when he or she opens just the right birthday gift that you have spent hours deciding on, purchasing and wrapping for that special day.

You spend a lot of time and effort getting the perfect gift, and the joy it brings makes every parent feel proud and happy. So, for this year’s event, why not choose a gift “package” that gives your child a fabulous birthday party in Greensboro at ATP?

Rockin’ Jump’s Greensboro Birthday Packages

At Rockin’ Jump in Greensboro, we offer several options for your party, so you can choose the one that will suit your child and his or her group of friends the best. And, of course, we offer options for non-jumpers, too, so everyone in the family can come and have birthday fun.

The Platinum Package is designed for as many as 20 Greensboro jumpers to enjoy one-and-a-half hours of trampoline fun, plus time for partying in our exclusive party area. It includes four large one-topping pizzas and four 2-liters of soda, along with all the festive paper products you will need to set the table for your event.

Our Gold Package at the Greensboro location accommodates a slightly smaller birthday group. Up to 15 jumpers can have fun bouncing for one-and-a-half hours and continue the birthday party in the party area. Three large one-topping pizzas will be served along with three 2-liters of soda plus all the necessary paper products, of course.

If you prefer, we offer a Silver Package, designed for a more modest budget. This option also offers one-and-a-half hours of jumping plus party area time for as many as ten jumpers. It includes two large one-topping pizzas, two 2-liters of soda and paper products.

With all our Greensboro location packages, festivities can be customized to suit your family’s preference or group’s needs. For small additional fees, you can add more jumpers, order extra pizzas and drinks, and choose added toppings for the pizzas. Naturally, you can bring your own birthday cake and ice cream, and even supplement the meal with chips or pretzels if you like! We will work with you to plan whatever will make this your child’s favorite birthday “package” ever.

Beginning jumpers will love the Youth Court where younger or smaller folks can practice their moves. And, for non-jumpers in attendance, our Greensboro park has a large arcade room with coin-operated games for all skill levels.

Everyone from grandparents down to toddlers can interact with each other and enjoy themselves!

So call Rockin’ Jump to make arrangements for your child’s next birthday party. Then, you can just stand back and watch the fun! Find more info HERE