Remember dodge ball? That game you played in P.E. where the teacher divided the class into two teams, lined them up facing each other, handed out balls down the line and yelled, “Go!” Then you threw the balls at your opposing classmates while zigging and zagging to avoid being eliminated by getting hit with someone else’s ball. Meanwhile, you were yelling at your opponents and urging on your own teammates.  When the game ended, you had laughed your head off and had the time of your life.

Now imagine that same dodge ball game except, this time, you’re energetically bouncing on back-to-back trampolines at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park! You’re having fun on a trampoline surrounded by a nylon net that keeps players and balls securely inside. Trained Rockin’ Jump employees monitor the game to enforce the rules, maintain everyone’s safety, and keep the score.

But if you’d rather watch the games from a safe distance, we have a snack bar, vending machines, and a sitting area for your comfort and convenience.

Rules of Dodge Ball

Here are Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park’s rules for the game:

  • Multiple players are divided into two teams
  • An even number of balls are lined up along a center dividing line
  • The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players. This can happen in several ways:
  • Hitting an opposing player below the shoulders with a thrown dodge ball.
  • Hitting a player above the shoulders will result in immediate removal of the offender from the current game.
  • Catching a dodge ball thrown by an opponent before it touches the ground
  • In both instances, the ball cannot have rebounded off the floor, another ball, or another player
  • When the Rockin’ Jump monitor gives the signal, players from both teams rush to grab a ball and the game begins!
  • The first team to eliminate all opposing players is declared the winner!

The Game for All Ages

Kids will always enjoy a great game of dodge ball. Is there any other time parents would let them throw a ball directly at someone else without being punished? It’s like having permission to break the rules!

Teens and college students love a dodge ball war because it helps channel their enormous energy. They can forget about exams and relieve stress without breaking the law. It’s good therapy!

Adults also welcome the occasional dodge ball match because it allows for friendly competition without being as draining as running a marathon or as expensive as golf.

Ready to play?

Come in for a friendly pick-up game with other Rockin’ Jump jumpers, bring friends to create your own teams, or reserve the court for a planned tournament. It’s guaranteed to be more fun than you can imagine!