If you have children, then you know the hassle you face every time your child’s birthday draws near. Every parent goes through the same struggle of planning a perfect birthday party. You’ve tried everything: ice skating, roller skating, bowling alleys, and even pool parties. So, while past birthday parties have been fun, you’re looking for something fresh and innovative this year. However, you’re out of kids birthday party ideas and need something fast. Whether you’re throwing your child’s first party or looking for something cool for your teen, Rockin’ Jump Greensboro is perfect.

Every Kids Birthday Party Gives You Full Access to All the Attractions

Your child deserves the best birthday, that’s why you should consider a party with Rockin’ Jump. Moreover, booking a birthday party with Rockin’ Jump means you’re booking endless fun. In fact, each birthday party gives your jumpers full access to every attraction Rockin’ Jump has to offer. These activities include X-Beam, Slam Dunk Zone, Dodge Ball, Foam Pit Arena, and an open jump area for freestyle jumping. Additionally, Rockin’ Jump has a special 6-and-under area for small jumpers and giant inflated Bashballs. This is an activity available only at Rockin’ Jump Greensboro, in this area! It’s so much fun to get inside them and roll around the Bashball Corral! Lastly, there is even a rock-climbing wall and arcade, perfect for when jumpers need a break from jumping.

Party Packages Come in Three Sizes

When you’re ready to book your birthday party, you’ll need to decide on the number of jumpers. Luckily, Rockin’ Jump offers three different sized party packages. First, the Silver party package gives you 10 jumpers, 2 pizzas, and 2 two-liter sodas. Second, the Gold party package comes with 15 jumpers, 3 pizzas, and 3 two-liter sodas. Finally, the Platinum party package is for 20 jumpers, with 4 pizzas, and 4 two-liter sodas. Also, additional jumpers can be added to any party package for an extra fee. Regardless of the size, every party comes with 90 minutes of jump time, a private party room, and a host. Rockin’ Jump parties include everything from online invitations to Thank-you notes! Best of all…parents have no cleaning up to do before or after the party! Click here to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek of a birthday party in progress.

The dedicated party host will ensure that your party moves along and that everyone has fun. The birthday child even gets a gift and guests receive something to take home, therefore, no party favors to buy! Parents can relax! When is the last time you relaxed and enjoyed your child’s party?

Recently, Bridget Hitchcock booked Rockin’Jump for her son’s birthday. Pleased with the experience, she left them a 5-star Facebook review. “I highly recommend Rockin’ Jump.” She notes the helpful and organized staff who took care of every detail. “The kids and adults had a blast! We will definitely go back soon.” To book your own kids birthday party, visit Rockin’ Jump’s booking page. Fun awaits!