Greensboro Activities for the Family

The kids of Guilford County are out of school for the summer and you are on the look-out for wholesome recreation that is challenging and entertaining and possibly even appropriate for all the age groups in your family. Well, Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park has the answer for you, because we offer the most unique experience that provides the most out-and-out fun of any Greensboro activities!

Imagine one carload of bored kids of all ages and a tired adult or two entering the doors to our trampoline park. What do you see? Right off the bat, you spot several sectioned-off courts dedicated to the exhilarating excitement of one of the Triad’s most thrilling pastimes imaginable. Then you see an arcade zone for less physically-stimulating activities and a concession area for those who want to relax and enjoy the fun from afar.

Older kids and more experienced jumpers can enjoy the Main Court with its wall- and floor-embedded trampolines that welcome each bouncer’s high-flying leaps and flips. At the same time, younger kids and the Gate City’s beginning jumpers can get comfortable with their jumping pursuits at a comfortable pace on the Youth Court. Those family members who want to work on their mid-air tuck-and-roll activities will love the foam pit, which provides air time without the pressure of rebounding and having to continue momentum.

For those athletes who aspire to be the next Sue Bird or Stephen Curry, the Greensboro park has its Slam Dunk area where you can bounce from a trampoline and sink a basketball with as much smooth finesse or crazy wackiness as your heart desires! And, there is always a line of excited jumpers queued up for the ever-popular pastime of dodge ball – one of the more exciting places in the entire Triad!

For those non-bouncers in your Greensboro family, or those who just need a little break in the action, we provide a huge arcade area where the adrenaline rush is just as real but the physical exertion is a little bit less. All you need is a supply of coins and you’ll be good to go! And those of you who are simply looking for a place to rest while all the kids use up their energy can relax in the concession area and enjoy some of our snack foods and Coca-Cola drink products while you’re here.

What We Offer

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park also offers the best in birthday party planning! We have colorfully designed downloadable invitations and thank you notes to help make things run smoothly. And, our Greensboro location offers three levels of party opportunities – platinum, gold, and silver – depending on how many attendees you have and how much pizza and drinks we provide and the length of time allotted for jumping activities. We furnish all the paper products, too. All you have to do is invite people and bring the cake; we’ll do the rest for you!

See what we mean? Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park is one of the most fun Greensboro activities there is!