What to do at the Trampoline Park

What do you and your family members expect from a neighborhood trampoline park? You expect it to offer a variety of different jumping options. You need it to accommodate your whole family of people with varying skill levels. You hope it will have options for those who want a break or who don’t jump. And, you want it to offer some extras for special events, too, right?

Good news! You get all that at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park, both in Winston-Salem and in Greensboro.

Variety of Jumping Options

  • Dodge Ball – The dodge ball court at each Rockin’ Jump trampoline park is extremely popular. There’s almost always a line of people waiting their turn to try and avoid the balls while bouncing and tumbling!
  • Basketball – The trampoline park at our Greensboro location offers “Slam Dunk,” or three lanes where players can practice their dunking skills. Players can channel their inner Air Jordan!
  • Foam Pit – For those who want to focus on their aerial moves, one bounce and you’re in the air practicing your flips and rolls. A soft landing in a pit of foam cubes, and you’re ready to go around again!

All Skill Levels

  • Main Court – Each Rockin’ Jump trampoline park has a primary jumping area for those who are larger or more accomplished to bounce, flip, rebound and soar. You never know what air-flying feats you will see here.
  • Youth Court – And, we have a sectioned off area especially for our smaller, younger, less experienced jumpers. Along with someone older, they can learn the basics under staff supervision.

For Non-Jumpers, Too

  • Arcade – For those who need a break from jumping, or who just aren’t interested in bouncing for this trip, each Rockin’ Jump trampoline park offers an arcade room with dozens of coin-operated games for every age group.
  • Concession Area – When you’re using all that energy, it’s good to have a concession area at a trampoline park. Both of ours serve basic snack foods and Coca-Cola brand soft drinks to replenish your stamina.

Special Events

  • Birthday Parties – What better way to celebrate a birthday than at a top-notch trampoline park! We offer several options for various budgets and include downloadable invitations and thank you cards, too.
  • Fundraisers – What a terrific way to raise money for your school or non-profit! The staff at either trampoline park will walk you through it. Your people check in, have tons of fun, and your organization gets needed funds!

You can reserve jump times right here online. And, you can fill out the necessary waiver forms online, too, or print them out, fill them in, and bring them with you. If you have any questions, just select the location of the trampoline park that is nearest you and use the Contact Us tab. If you prefer, you can also call: Winston-Salem – 336-896-9100 /  or Greensboro – 336-907-8682 /  for more information.