Get Air the Fun Way.

With the NBA playoffs underway, now is a great time to see some of the best athletes on the planet show off all of the amazing things they can do. And of course, we are talking about the halftime performers! Sure, the actual basketball players are pretty talented, but the guys who run all over the court and then fly through the air to dunk with the help of a trampoline are the real stars, as far as we are concerned. Their acrobatics are pretty spectacular and a lot of fun to watch. And the best part? While these guys are obviously athletic, they are not unique specimens like the guys playing in the games. For the most part, the trampoline jumpers are just regular people who have honed their jumping skills. This means that with enough practice, almost anybody could do what they do. The vast majority of us will never be able to hit a three-pointer with the clock winding down or throw a perfect pass for an alley-oop, but we can all get air on a trampoline. This is one of the great aspects of trampolines; pretty much anyone can do it, as it does not take a ton of skill to jump. And once you get going, gravity and the laws of physics do a lot of the work for you!

Fun, Thrills, and Exercise

If you have ever watched one of those halftime shows and wanted to see what it was like to do some daredevil tricks, you just need to find the right venue. Did you know there is a trampoline park right here in Greensboro? When you are looking to get air, you can just head over to Rockin’ Jump. Our facility is full of trampolines that will allow you to jump to your heart’s content. And we even have trampoline basketball courts! Now is your chance to show off your hoop skills and dunking prowess. Even if you may be a little on the diminutive side, with a trampoline under you, you will have no problem getting the air you need to slam the ball through the rim. At Rockin’ Jump, we also offer other fun jumping activities, like dodgeball. If you are feeling nostalgic for your school days and want to relive everybody’s favorite gym game, come down to play! But with trampolines involved, the game has now taken on a whole new and exciting dimension! We also have after-dark events complete with music and LED lighting. No matter how you like to get air, Rockin’ Jump has something for you. Plus, because trampoline jumping is excellent exercise, you will be getting a rigorous workout the entire time!

Are you ready to recreate some of those high-flying halftime shows or just want to jump for fun? You need to come on down to Rockin’ Jump. Come alone or bring your whole family, we have something for everyone. You will have so much fun that once you leave, you will be itching to bounce on back!