Fall often has days that are too chilly for enjoying the outdoors. Thus, it leaves us looking for fun indoor things to do near me for the whole family. Yet, you do not have to sacrifice physical activity for staying indoors. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park offers multiple attractions that challenge and engage kids’ and adults’ need for physical activity.

Physically Active Attractions

Jump Arena – The possibilities are endless in this area! Here is where you can see how many flips you can do or how high you can jump. Additionally, there is even a section dedicated to younger children, to enjoy jumping with others their size.

Stunt Bag Arena – So, have you ever wondered how actors make those crazy falls in movies? They use a stunt bag! Recreate your favorite movie jump or fall on the Rockin’ Jump stunt bag.

Slam Dunk Zone – Most individuals will not make it into the NBA. But, here you can at least pretend you are a professional ball player by performing your own slam dunks!

Rock Climbing Wall – Are you dreaming of climbing Mt. Everest one day? Well, start practicing on a rock-climbing wall. This attraction is perfect for challenging yourself or a friend.

Dodge Ball – This game takes on a whole new level of fun when you can bounce off the walls! Create a one-on-one game or gather a large team. Either way, trampolines make this traditional game way more exciting.

X-Beam – Not only do you need balance for this attraction, but also agility. Don’t let your opponent knock you off into the foam pit with their padded lance!

Interactive Play – Younger children love interacting with games that appear under their feet. It is an ideal way to play video games that challenge the mind and body.

Fun Indoor Things to do Near Me

At Rockin’ Jump there is endless fun for the entire family. There are even attractions for those that do not want to engage in physical activities. They have a large arcade area that includes new and classic games. Moreover, tired parents or grandparents can take advantage of the lounge areas to relax.

One reviewer, Emily, had a lot to rave about! “I took my 4-year-old son and three of his older cousins. They all had a blast. We went around 10 am on a Saturday on purpose, to avoid any potential crowds. I filled out the waiver and bought tickets online ahead of time. This made the check-in process quick and easy. I was also quite impressed with the staff. They walked my family out to our cars with umbrellas because it was pouring rain outside. Excellent customer service.”

Don’t waste your time driving around to different attractions just to accommodate all your family’s desires. For fun indoor things to do near me there is only one place that has it all! Visit Rockin’ Jump of Winston-Salem today or go online to buy your tickets to ensure your jump time fun!