At Rockin’ Jump Greensboro, our famous After Dark event has pretty much everything. Laser lights. Rockin’ tunes. Rooms full of trampolines! What could we possibly add to make it even better? Well, how about a true Battle Royale with tests of skill, crazy constructions, and up to 100 players all at once?

That’s right! Rockin’ Jump now offers tournaments for Epic Games’ mega-popular multiplayer game. Therefore, anyone who’s itching to test their gaming skills against dozens of other players: read on!

The Battle Royale Everyone Can Play!

If you don’t know a V-Buck from a Victory Royale, here’s the rundown. In 2017, Epic Games released Battle Royale. The game combines the structure-building of games like Minecraft with the competitive gameplay of shooters like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Finally, top it off with a dose of light-hearted humor and cartoony graphics, and you’ve got a hit game.

Players earn V-Bucks through victories and unlock new characters, weapons, and vehicles. Buying a Battle Pass allows players to gain extra unlockables, but the core game is free to play! You can even earn additional rewards on your Battle Pass by completing special challenges built into the game. This game’s pick-up-and-play style, over-the-top battles, and Epic Games’ commitment to keeping the game free have created a strong community.

Why a Battle Royale Tournament?

Here’s the lowdown on our Battle Royale tournaments. From Rockin’ Jump’s Zack Hawkins: “Rockin’ Jump gaming tournaments provide the ultimate competitive and fun environment to experience Esports at its finest. We provide it all for you, from systems to controllers to tournament regulation BenQ monitors. Participants have the chance to compete for prizes as well as get the health benefits of exercise on our many attractions. That’s including trampoline basketball, dodge ball and our rock wall. It is fun for all ages and skill levels!”

At Rockin’ Jump, we’re always dreaming up new ways to have even more family fun! The Greensboro News and Record’s readers even voted us the #1 family entertainment destination in Greensboro! So, we thought, “Why not add the world’s most popular video game to our weekend lineup?” Now, it’s time to get in on the action!

The Details

Ready for battle yet? Here are the details on our Battle Royale showdown:

  • Ages 7 and up and players of every skill level welcome
  • PS4s, controllers, and headsets provided (but you’re welcome to bring yours!)
  • Prize pool of up to $250 (if players fill all the sign-up slots)
  • The best part: each sign-up includes a full admission to Rockin’ Jump After Dark! After the tournament, you can practice your jump skills to the latest hits on our massive trampoline floor!

The fun starts at 6 pm, with warm-up play beginning at 5. Level up your Battle Pass against your friends and sharpen your skills to take home the big prize! (Players don’t need a Battle Pass to participate.)

Early registration is a must — our tournaments always fill up fast! Visit our Gaming Tournaments page to sign up!