Here in Greensboro, the weather often isn’t perfect. The summers can be very hot, and the winters can be very cold. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy fun time with your family. At Rockin’ Jump, you can enjoy our jumping zone together. Kids of all ages (yes, even teens) love our trampoline park.

Rockin’ Jump Activities – More Than Just a Jumping Zone for Kids

When you come to Rockin’ Jump, you’re getting more than just a trampoline court. If you just want to blow off some steam, you can certainly enjoy our open jumping zone with your family. However, we also have several activities and attractions.

Do you want to practice your flips in a safe environment? Head to our foam pit arena. This special court gives you a way to perfect those flips as you jump into thousands of clean foam cubes.

If you enjoy games with friends, we have you covered. Dodge ball is a popular choice at Rockin’ Jump! We combine this classic game with the fun of trampolines. Birthday parties and groups especially love our dodge ball court. Or, instead, head to our new ninja course to race against friends or our X-Beam game to battle with lances. There’s something for every competitive spirit at Rockin’ Jump.

You can also check out our other special zones, including our parkour blox area, which has foam vaults. Additionally, our Slam Dunk Zone is perfect for kids and adults who want to emulate a favorite NBA star.

Check out all of our attractions by clicking here.

Need A Jumping Break?

While our trampoline attractions steal the show, we also have some non-jumping activities at Rockin’ Jump. When you need a break, head to our arcade to play a few games. Also, we have a rock wall so you can challenge a friend or your own time to get to the top.

Many parents love to jump with their kids. You can have fun together while also getting some exercise. However, we also have a Parent’s Lounge in case you don’t want to jump. You can also enjoy our massage chairs in the Relaxation Zone or watch the kids from our skywalk. And of course, head to our concessions area when you need a snack. Click here for a virtual tour of our facility to see all these areas and more.

Ticket Prices at Rockin’ Jump

The price of your ticket depends on how long you want to jump. Tickets start at just $11.95 during open jump times. Additionally, we host events with set prices, such as Rockin’ Tots for young jumpers and After Dark on the weekends.

Best of all, we have special promotions and coupons to allow you to jump on a budget. For example, join us on Rockin’ Wednesdays for a buy one get one deal. Click here to learn more about our current promotions and deals.

Our best deal is reserved for members. When you become a Rockin’ Jump member, you can jump every single day as long as you want. You can get a 30-day membership for just $50 or a 90-day membership for just $150. This works out to as little as $1.66 per day, and members get special perks throughout the year.

If you have questions about our membership, any other promotions, or our park, click here to contact us. We hope to see you soon!