Notably, there are many fun kids birthday party places in the Triad. However, there are few venues where guests can enjoy multiple activities that are so diverse. After all, not every child likes the same thing. Fortunately, Rockin Jump Greensboro offers multiple activities for all attendees to have fun – including the adults!

Local Kids Birthday Party Places Every Child Enjoys

If you’re wondering what a birthday party is like at Rockin’ Jump, let’s jump (pun intended!) right into it. First, all guests have 90 minutes of full access to our broad range of park activities and attractions. Just a few of those include open jump arena, dodge ball arena, 6-&-under jump zone, and lounge space. Keep in mind, we have massage chairs in our lounge space. Therefore, if adult guests would rather not hop about, it’s a perfect place to relax and socialize.

Speaking of relaxing, all birthday party packages come with a party host, so that you can have fun too. Our dedicated hosts handle setup and clean-up. Plus, they serve pizza and soda in our private party area designated for guests to enjoy your celebration. Before you even arrive, we are already here to help. Click here for FREE invitations provided for each guest.

To ensure that every child gets the best from their Rockin Jump birthday party, we offer several packages. Each package includes tickets for 10 jumpers, pizzas, soda, and a party host.

Advanced packages also include:

  • Private dodge ball game
  • $5 arcade card
  • 16 oz ICEEs for all jumpers
  • Goodie bag for all jumpers (included in the Platinum package)

Additionally, we provide themed parties as well. From PJ Masks, Toy Story, and Trolls to Mermaids and Magical Unicorns, we have 100s of options. At only $2.50 extra per jumper, it’s a great way to get every child engaged in the fun.

Soaring Safety

Most importantly, safety is key for every child at our trampoline park. Consequently, we strive to make our park one of the safest kids birthday party places around. To achieve this goal, we have some important rules designed for our participants. So that you feel comfortable hosting your birthday party with us, review just a few of our commitments to you:

  1. First, no pokey objects in your pockets! In the glee of hopping happiness, they could slip out and injure you or someone else.
  2. Next, kick off those shoes! We require ROCKIN’ SOCKS for all jumpers. Their rubbery surface keeps you from slipping and their soft covering eases accidental contact. Keep them for future visits!
  3. Then, get moving! We have plenty of areas to chill and relax when not on the trampolines.
  4. Most critical, no rough play! In the end, wrestling, running, and shoving isn’t fun for anyone. Likewise, double-bouncing may seem entertaining in a YouTube video but it rarely ends well. Our goal is to keep you safe!
  5. Finally, jump smart! For example, in our Stunt Bag area, we allow one jumper at a time. Always, tuck your chin to your chest and never land head first.

Finally, go ahead and reserve your spot for a safe and fabulous birthday party! Click here or give us a call at 336-355-1585.