While, according to one online dictionary, the official definition of trampoline is: “a gymnastic apparatus consisting of a strong canvas sheet attached with springs to a metal frame,” that sounds so matter-of-fact and blah.

The real jumping experience encompasses so much more imagination, exhilaration and freedom than that definition implies. And, when you discover the pure joy of a large number of them connected together and lining the floors and walls, a trampoline park offers unending opportunities to have extreme fun!

Our Trampoline Park Offers Something for Everyone

No matter your skill level or age or individual interests, it’s easy to have a blast at either the Winston-Salem or the Greensboro Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park.

Young Kids – Each Rockin’ Jump location has a Youth Court for younger or more inexperienced kids. In this separated area, they can learn to bounce along with a parent or older sibling and develop their “jump legs.” Our staff members keep a watchful eye, so every jumper can have fun without the risk of being accidentally bumped or pushed by older, larger jumpers.

Experienced Jumpers – Our Main Court features open space, lined with trampolines embedded in the floors and walls. This area is especially suited for acrobats and athletes to fly through the air executing jumps, flips and tricks, then rebounding for more. Whether individually or in pairs, for teens or college kids or adults, when executing carefully-planned routines or just bouncing with free abandon, this is the place where gravity seems to disappear!

Skill Practitioners – There is a separate area with deep containers, each filled with softly cushioned cubes and each adjoining its own trampoline. These popular Foam Pits encourage bouncers to practice their jumps and flips and other airborne tricks without having to worry about making a hard landing or strategizing rebound moves.

Game Players – Our Arcade offers a way for those who are tired of bouncing, or who don’t want to jump on this visit, to get in on all the fun. A variety of coin-operated games let you hone your individual skills or go head-to-head with friends.

On-Lookers – Parents and grandparents can enjoy the Concession Stand, picnic tables and all the benches located around the building. People can sit and visit with one another while enjoying a snack or bottled drink, or they can position themselves in front of various jumping areas to watch the fun and take photos. There is usually so much excitement in the air, even those who aren’t jumping are feeling the vibes!

Come In Soon!

Also, call us for information about booking birthday parties or arranging fund-raisers for your school, church group or favorite non-profit organization. In Winston-Salem, call 336-896-9100; in Greensboro call 336-907-8682

We make it easy to have fun!