At Rockin’ Jump Greensboro, we try to keep you informed of potential problems. So today, we’ve got to warn you: there are way too many fun things to do here at Rockin’ Jump. We’ve given it a lot of thought, and decided that it’s in your best interest to warn you! Because if you and your kids come here, trust us — you’re not going to want to leave!

Open Jump Arenas

We couldn’t call ourselves a trampoline park if we didn’t have thousands of square feet of bounce! There’s something about flying through the air that humans love. Maybe we weren’t meant to do it, but then why is it so much fun?

Naturally, we secure jump arenas with the latest safety features including redundant nets. And our JumpSafe™ staff are on site and watching at all times. We’ve got crazy fun things to do — but we take our safety responsibilities seriously.

Slam Dunk Zone

Don’t give up on those hoop dreams! We have equipped our Slam Dunk Zone with a padded springboard so you can fly to the rim like a superstar. We take no responsibility if your child/spouse/coworker wears a jersey around and makes you call them Kobe after the game.

X-Beam Jousting

If you and the kids are in the mood for a contest of skill, X-Beam Jousting is the game you need. Get your Highlander on as you try to knock your opponent off their perch. There can be only one champion! (Sorry. See? It gets intense.)

Rockin’ Jump After Dark

We’re almost afraid to tell you about this one, because it might blow your mind. Every weekend we turn down the lights and pull out the black lights, strobes, and lasers. Then we crank up the latest hits on the speaker system. In those surroundings, you do all those insanely fun activities we just told you about, with a Saturday Night Fever twist. It’s called After Dark — Friday and Saturday night from 7 to 10 PM!

Margaret Craig on Google Reviews knows how we play: “We chose the Jump After Dark because that sounded like more fun and it was a blast! There are tons of things glowing everywhere, including the staff. And the kids have more fun if they’re glowing too (so dress them in white and neon). There are at least 8 different attractions, including dodge ball, basketball, rock wall and foam pit.” (Margaret, we’re glad you had a great time, and we just hope your kids still think video games are fun.)

That’s Literally Only Half of Our Fun Things to Do

That’s not even all of the attractions we offer! There are many more! Plus, we do bodacious birthday parties, fabulous fundraisers, and gob-smacking general group events. Think you can handle the pain of going back to life where you can’t jump five feet in the air? Contact us to book an event — but don’t say we didn’t warn you!