If you are a big sports fan, this is your probably your favorite time of year. Both college and pro football seasons are underway and the baseball playoffs are heating up. And if basketball is your game, the NBA season is rapidly approaching. Shortly after that begins, college hoops start up. To get ready for some exciting basketball, you and your friends may want to get out on the court and do a little ballin’ of your own. Maybe there is a neighborhood park you like to play at or perhaps you are a member of a gym. While those are okay options, both of them pale in comparison to probably the most fun way to play b-ball: trampoline basketball.

There is nothing wrong with playing basketball in a park or at a gym, but they both have a few inherent issues. First of all, when doing anything outside, you are at the mercy of the weather, and this time of year can be very unpredictable. It may be nice and warm one day and cold the next. Rain and hail storms are not uncommon. When you plan to go shoot hoops in the park, you just never know what the day will be like. While a gym is inside and usually has better amenities than a park, it also has some problems. For one thing, it can often be difficult to get in a game. Games in gyms typically start early, so you may end up sitting and waiting for a while. And that also means you might not get a chance to play with your friends, which may have defeated the purpose of playing in the first place.

Why trampoline basketball is the best kind of basketball:

When you decide to go lace up your sneakers and play trampoline basketball, you will soon realize the advantages. For one thing, it is indoors, so you will not have to worry about bad weather. But aside from that, trampoline basketball is much more interesting that the normal kind. Why? Because you play it on trampolines! Think about all of the crazy acrobatic dunks and alley oops you’ve seen the pros do. On a regular court, there is probably little chance you will be able to do that kind of stuff. But with trampoline basketball, the sky is almost literally the limit. You will be able to attempt all sorts of wild shots while flying through the air. Once you play trampoline basketball, you will have a difficult time going back to the park or gym.

Excited to start playing trampoline basketball? Then you need to take a trip out to Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro. You and your friends will love bouncing around on our court. We will help you get ready for the season and you can come visit us on the days when you aren’t watching games on TV. Forget ordinary basketball; it is time to take things up a notch with trampoline basketball.