Trending for several years now, Parkour training is great exercise and great fun! This physically challenging method involves swift movement navigating barriers and honing agility. Especially, this is true when we combine a little bouncing with the running as well. To experience this high-flying fun, come check out our new Parkour Blox in the jump arena at Rockin’ Jump Greensboro!

Perfecting Parkour and More!

During regular operating hours, join us and train your brain and body in this movement of fun physical work-out trends. Then, keep running and jumping in other attractions as well. Not only does your admission include our new Parkour Blox, it also allows you to enjoy these other attractions!

  • Ninja Course – Swing and climb above a cushiony surface
  • Foam Pit Arena – Defy gravity with a safe surface beneath when you finally come back to earth
  • Jump Arena – Practice, jump and dive as you wish
  • Slam Dunk Zone – Launch yourself into high-flying pro dunking
  • X-Beam – Challenge your friends to friendly competition
  • 6-&-Under Jumping Zone – Visit our supervised hopping area zoned for our younger guests
  • Dodge Ball – Battle buddies in a bouncing remake of a classic game
  • Rock-Climbing Wall – Race to the top to beat the buzzer

If you have a little one who would enjoy physically challenging movement like Parkour, we have special hours for them. After all, even toddlers benefit from fun and physically stimulating training exercises. Every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning, we offer Rockin’ Tots’ sessions for our youngest guests. During this time, parents can have fun with their smaller children with low-key indoor play and unique activities.

Conversely, if you’d like to experience the above attractions with a more glowing vibe, visit us for After Dark! Rock to lasers, strobes and tunes surrounded by glow-in-the dark fun on Friday and Saturday nights. From 7 pm to 10 pm, enjoy 2 hours of jump time, a Rockin’ t-shirt and a glow necklace. Moreover, be on the lookout for special After Dark sessions with interactive games, contests, live DJs and more!

Rules and Romping Regulations

Of course, you may be wondering about Parkour training rules. While our main command is to have fun, our top directive is to be safe! As is true with all of our attractions, we follow JumpSafe rules throughout our trampoline park.

Just a few include:

  1. No sharp objects in your pockets! In the glee of hopping happiness, they could slip out and injure you or someone else.
  2. Kick off those shoes! We require ROCKIN’ SOCKS for all jumpers. Their rubbery surface keeps you from slipping and their soft covering eases accidental contact.
  3. Get moving! We have plenty of areas to chill and relax but not on the trampolines. After all, someone pouncing on you while trying to rest is far from relaxing.
  4. No rough play! In the end, wrestling, running, and shoving isn’t fun for anyone. Likewise, double-bouncing may seem entertaining in a YouTube video but it rarely ends well. Our goal is to keep you safe!
  5. Jump smart! For example, in our Stunt Bag area, we allow one jumper at a time. Always, tuck your chin to your chest and never land head first.
  6. There is always a staff member monitoring every area to ensure that everyone has fun SAFELY.

Moreover, Rockin’ Jump is a member of the ASTM F24 Standards committee. In fact, we are actually a founding member of the new ASTM committee dedicated to establishing trampoline park safety standards.

Today, buy your tickets online here. Or, feel free to stop by at your convenience during operating hours and get jumping! Call us with any questions at 336-355-1585.