fun trampoline games When you plan to visit a trampoline park, you are probably prepared to do a lot of bouncing. After all, isn’t that why you would want to go in the first place? But unlike many trampoline parks, Rockin’ Jump is different. We offer a number of ways to have even more fun at Rockin’ Jump in Greensboro, including various trampoline games, such as:

Dodge ball

Dodge ball has been a gym class staple probably since gym classes were created, so you have probably played it a time or two. And although the concept is the same, the game takes on an entirely new element when played on a trampoline. Now instead of just running or twisting to avoid a ball, you can just bounce several feet over it. And because your opponents can do the same thing, you will have to figure out the best tactics to get them. This form of dodge ball takes a little more skill to play and it is a whole lot more fun. At Rockin’ Jump, you can play with your friends or perhaps turn complete strangers into friends by playing together. We know that once you try our version, you will never want to go back to the old one.


If you are a fan of basketball and perhaps watch it on TV or attend professional games, you know how thrilling it can be to see these incredible athletes play the game. It is remarkable the way they can fly through the air effortlessly to dunk the ball. This is what makes trampoline basketball so much fun. You probably will never be able to dunk on a regular court, but it will be easy on a trampoline. You and your buddies will have a great time throwing each other alley-oops, and if you never play an actual game or even keep score, who cares?

Open Jump

At Rockin’ Jump in Greensboro, we also have an open jump area where you are free to make up your own games. Perhaps you want to see how many times you can bounce on one leg or how many jumps you can do in a minute; it is completely up to you! When you let your imagination run wild, there is no telling what sort of games you can come up with.

Fun Trampoline Games in Greensboro

And if you want to take a little break from jumping, we have plenty of other things you can do. We have a rock wall to climb, a foam pit to jump into, and you can even play inside a human hamster ball! If you are looking for a whole day of fun and excitement, just come down to Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro. We have something for everyone, so the entire family will have an amazing experience. And to save time, you can fill out the necessary liability waiver right now. This will allow you and your group to start playing our fun trampoline games as soon as you get in the door.