Add Rockin’ Jump to your Greensboro Activities!

If you’re thinking that the dreary cold months are going to cut down on your opportunities to enjoy lively Greensboro activities, are you in for a surprise! After you check out the events and specials we’ve got going at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park, we will certainly be at the top of your list of the best of all Greensboro activities.

Open Jump

– Exciting! Invigorating! Probably the most fun of any Greensboro activities! Come and enjoy an hour or two of unrestricted bouncing, flipping and twirling while flying almost weightlessly through the air. We have jumping areas for big kids, little kids and teams of dodge-ball-playing kids

Slam Dunk

– One of the most exciting of our Greensboro activities is Slam Dunk trampoline basketball! Trampolines positioned beneath basketball goals give jumpers a chance to show off their athleticism or entertain with their shenanigans, individually or in teams.

After Dark

– Every Friday and Saturday night from 7 pm to 10 pm the lights go out, but the fun doesn’t stop! Grab your neon and come up under hour LED lights for 2 hours for only $20

Regular weekly specials

are available to give you an opportunity to enjoy the full range of our jumping Greensboro activities at discounted rates!

  • Rockin’ Wednesday – Jump for 2 hours for the price of one! You can enjoy access to all our fun activities for 2 hours for only $14

So, put Rockin’ Jump and our exciting Greensboro activities at the top of your list of fun places! Remember, we have the main court for older, more experienced jumpers; the supervised youth court for younger, beginning jumpers; the foam pit for those who want to practice their bounces and flips; and the dodgeball court where pick-up games are constantly rotated in and out.

And, if your idea of great Greensboro activities doesn’t include actually jumping, we have a snack area with tables as well as observer benches for those who are taking a break from jumping or have just come to watch and enjoy the show!