Weekends make for the best family time! Instead of racking your brains trying to decide what to do, just visit Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro! This premier trampoline park is the perfect family location for weekend outings.

Big Air Jumping Opportunities

What would a trampoline park be without a huge arena of trampolines? Schedule time to jump and have an opportunity to soar to new heights.

The basic open jump area provides a large space for kids of all ages to jump and be free. You may worry about little ones jumping with the bigger kids. Don’t worry! Rockin’ Jump has thought of that, too. They have an area dedicated to little jumpers, six and under, to ensure they have safe fun.

If your jumpers are into stunts but hesitant, the foam pit may be the right area for them. It’s an area that allows jumpers to try out flips and stunts without worry of hurting themselves. Each jump lands them safely into a foam pit. This lets them perfect their jumps before testing them out in the open arena.

Perfect for Sports Enthusiasts

As you can imagine, jumping on trampolines can be a great workout. However, there is more to Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro than just trampolines.

Like basketball? Love to think of Michael Jordan sailing through the air to slam the ball through the hoop at the last second of the game? Ever imagine yourself being that hero? Live your dream! Using the trampolines at Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro in the Slam Dunk Zone, you can BE Michael!

What about gladiators? Ever imagine yourself jousting, knocking your opponent from the beam in dramatic fashion? They have that too! X Beam Jousting is the perfect arena for you to try. Knock your opponent into a pit of foam squares – less pain and more fun than gladiator jousting!

Or, maybe rock climbing is more your speed. Try the rock climbing wall when you’re ready to get away from the trampolines.

The Rockin’ Jump patrons love the sports fun! According to Adam Wright on Facebook, “The staff was great with all the kids. It is a great place to have some fun!! Rock wall and jousting are a must!”

Dislike Trampoline Jumping? No problem.

If you have the kid who doesn’t like to jump, Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro has something for them too. For a small additional fee, your kids could take part in Bashball! It’s like bumper cars, but better! Climb into your own bubble and bump into everything you can.

Of course, if your child still isn’t satisfied, give them some screen time. Just take them to the arcade area. Kids (and adults) will have the opportunity to try out the newest arcade games.

What are the adults doing during this time? RESTING!! Yes. Your kids are jumping, gaming, or playing, so you can sit and relax, knowing your kids are safe and having fun! Call today 336-553-2817 to schedule your jumpin’ time! Start sailing towards family fun!