Sometimes, getting a group of people to connect with one another is a challenging endeavor. And, if people can’t connect, problem solving is difficult. No matter the age of team members involved, removing them from their normal environment helps their problem solving skills. In fact, implementing a game for all to master together creates camaraderie as well. Therefore, whether you hope to build communication skills within an athletic team or other group, a shared activity helps. Moreover, the idea extends to all ages. Adults benefit by experiencing fun team building activities as well!

Why are Team Building Activities Important?

Generally, we learn best when our minds and bodies are in motion. Not only does movement increase blood flow aiding cognitive abilities, the distraction of motion opens your neural pathways a bit. Therefore, a tad of action enhances problem solving skills.

For example, imagine that you’re trying to learn how to skate for the first time. Often, we become hyper focused on the task itself. When this occurs, our brain over-compensates for the unexpected sensation of your feet slipping out from under you. In a sense, your mind fights back – unable to process this uncomfortable activity. Ultimately, the only thing it can focus upon is keeping you safe.

However, if you add another task to the mix, your brain may process it in a different way. For instance, the next time you attempt to skate, throw a ball back and forth with someone. Doing this while you try to get your footing helps. This added pursuit frees your mind a bit and opens those crucial synapses to find complete mind and body balance.

How does this relate to team building activities you wonder? Not only do team members enjoy a little exercise together, a well-planned activity helps free their focus. Specifically, turning a chore into a game frees mind and spirit.

The Best Group Activities

Furthermore, designing an enjoyable activity for your group that encourages them to work together forms connections beyond their own minds. Essentially, this is the core of creating the best team building activities for your group. More importantly, if you’re going to exercise your brain, why not exercise your body as well?

Fortunately, Rockin’ Jump Greensboro has a uniquely adaptable venue for all sorts of activities. Foster team spirit with a little dodge ball or slam dunking. Or, revisit a classic childhood game with jumping twists. Follow the Leader, hopping Rock-Paper-Scissors and Simon Says are even more fun for everyone when catching a little air.

Keep in mind, your family is a team as well. Sometimes, you all need to enjoy a break together and to have a little fun connecting as team members too. Rockin’ Jump is the perfect venue for all ages to do just that! In fact, they recently won Best Family Entertainment from Greensboro News & Record. Christina explains why in her enthusiastic Facebook review.

“We love Rockin jump. The Staff is amazing and super friendly!! Plus, they have the best party staff and the kids have a blast!!!”

No matter the group that you wish to host, Rockin Jump has customized package plans for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Sorority Events
  • Fraternity Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Field Trips
  • Church Groups
  • Lock-Ins
  • Team Outings

For more information, give us a call at 336-355-1585. Or, fill out our group event form here.