Hey, parents! Are you looking for a fun-filled place for the family where there are things to do that will appeal to every single person? At Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro, we have your answer!

Let’s start with the obvious – our extra-large main court. Click on the Gallery and get an idea of what we offer there. In this space you can execute activities like vertical high-jumping, bouncing off the walls, and acrobatics galore! You can reserve a jump time or just drop in and enjoy a healthy open jump. Trampoline jumping is a proven low-impact workout that benefits your heart, metabolism, muscles, and joints while revving up your energy level. And, your kids will be having so much fun they won’t even notice that it’s exercise!

Another crazy-fun activity to perform is basketball-on-the-fly at our Slam Dunk lanes. Here, you’ll see floor-level trampolines with basketball goals mounted at one end. Players just grab a ball, get a running start, then bounce off the trampoline to launch their best dunk. Kids decide whether the experience will be silly-crazy or seriously-athletic; they can do whatever suits their personalities.

Your little darlings may prefer an environment of team sports instead of individual jumping. If so, a perennial favorite activity at Rockin’ Jump is dodgeball. It seems that there is always a line of eager players waiting for their turn to perform in a lively pick-up game on one team or the other. The enclosed court is monitored by ATP staff, which ensures that the games go smoothly and eliminations are fair.

If you have a family member who isn’t as interested in doing things like rebounding from bounces time after time, but who is more enthralled with the feeling of just being air-borne, we offer a welcoming foam pit. This is a large well, filled with soft foam cubes which provide a cushioned landing area. Any kid can spring from the trampoline and practice his or her mid-air moves – from flips to rolls to spread-eagle flight maneuvers – and make a soft landing as long as they like.

And, for the newest little jumpers in your family we our youth court is just the thing! Rockin’ Jump staff members monitor this area that is designated for younger or smaller family members who don’t want to be bumped or jostled by older, larger kids who are executing their moves.

For the non-jumpers in your group, Greensboro’s Rockin’ Jump facility has an open arcade just filled with coin-operated games that your kids can enjoy individually or in competitive teams. Whether they are planning a short break from bouncing, or a couple of hours focused on gaming, they will find an activity to do that will put smiles on their faces.

Our facility also offers plenty of seating around the park so you can keep an eye on your own jumpers and the things they are doing. And, our concession area is stocked with snack foods and Coca-Cola drink products for your convenience.