It can be hard to get the kids out of the house, especially if they are interested in sedentary activities like reading and playing video games. Those activities can be awesome for developing critical thinking and fine motor skills, but what about good old-fashioned exercise? We have a fun option to get your kids up and moving – trampoline basketball!

When you purchase bounce time at our Greensboro location, you can spend some time on the basketball court. This court is unlike typical basketball, though. Fly high as your bounce your way to slam-dunking! Who doesn’t want to feel like Michael Jordan for the day?

Trampoline basketball is an incredible source of cardiovascular exercise. The American Heart Association recommends at least one hour of cardio every day for kids, but it can help people of all ages control their weight, reduce blood pressure, and avoid diseases such as diabetes and some forms of cancer.

In addition, one of the benefits of exercise that many parents overlook is the psychological benefit. Being physically fit and healthy can help kids feel less self-conscious and have higher self-esteem. It can even help with bullying problems at school, and make shy kids feel more confident.

Our Greensboro location is typically filled with kids enjoying our trampoline basketball courts, which means that this is also a great way for your kids to meet new friends. We love to see people start pick-up games, where all are invited to join in. You can also have a slam dunk contest or see who can make the most dunks out of a certain number of attempts. Don’t be shy – just ask other bouncers if you can join in the fun!

When you’re done bouncing on the basketball court, we also have other bounce areas, such as our main bounce floor, our youth court for younger bouncers, our dodgeball court for another competitive game experience, and our foam pit, where you can safely bounce and flip into a pile of foam blocks. When you’re done bouncing, refuel in our snack area and play a game in our arcade.

If your child loves our trampoline basketball court, why not plan a birthday party at our facility or get a group of friends together for some group fun? We have discounts available for groups, and parties at our facility include not only jump time, but also tables for enjoying pizza and other special perks.

Remember, you’ll need to sign a waiver to allow your child to bounce on our slam dunk court, but you can do so conveniently online or at our facility itself. Older siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends’ parents, and others are not allowed to sign this form, so make sure you can do it online or at our facility if you want your child to be able to jump! If your child is three or younger, you’ll be required to jump with them, but otherwise, you can enjoy watching your child from the sidelines if you don’t want to jump yourself.

Do you have more questions about our trampoline basketball courts or the rest of our bouncing activities? Call us today at 336-907-8682!