When something has been around for a while, it is easy to become complacent with it. Even if it could be improved, diehards may not be willing to even consider any new ideas. For example, when basketball was first created, peach baskets were used as hoops, and every time a basket was scored, the ball had to be fished out. When somebody had the idea to cut holes in the bottom of the baskets to speed things up, almost assuredly there were folks who were against the idea. It is impossible to fight innovation, however, and for the most part new ideas are usually good. This is how trampoline basketball came about. For decades we had trampolines and we had the game of basketball, but only recently did a smart person realize how great it would be to combine them. And, in fact, trampoline basketball could very well be better than the traditional game. Why? For these reasons:

Everyone can play

Most people realize that no matter how much they love basketball, they are probably not going to make it to the NBA. Even if someone has that lofty goal, basketball can quickly bring you down to earth. The pros make it look easy, but 10-foot rims, extremely far three-point lines, and even just dribbling can be daunting for most of us. Trampoline basketball evens the playing field. When you can bounce on a trampoline, lay-ups – even dunks! – are now a snap. No matter what skill level a player is, they will have little difficulty playing well.

There is more activity

During a typical game of basketball, there can be a lot of standing around for several players. Not everybody can take a shot or get a rebound, which means that some people will always be left out of the action. In addition to being bored, they are not getting any exercise. This is never an issue with trampoline basketball. Even the players who are not directly involved in a specific play are getting some activity, as well as increased heart rates, by jumping on a trampoline. If fitness is one of your main goals for playing basketball, even if you do not touch the ball much, trampoline basketball will give you a great workout.

It is a lot more fun

Let’s not forget that basketball is a game, and games are meant to be fun. This is another reason why trampoline basketball is much more fun than the original version. Hitting a jump shot is nice, but soaring through the air for a dunk? That is something that most of us will never be able to do on a typical court, but it is a common occurrence during a game of trampoline basketball.

Trampoline Basketball Just Sounds Cool!

Want to try your hand at trampoline basketball? Grab your buddies or just come by yourself and get in a game at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park in Greensboro. We guarantee you will love how basketball has improved with the addition of trampolines.