At Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park, we know for sure that trampoline jumping can fulfill many, and varied, goals. First of all, high-level bouncing is exhilarating fun. Then, it’s a great way to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. It can also be a unique way to raise money for a non-profit group. And, it’s a wonderful exercise that isn’t tedious and boring. Let’s explore all the things jumping on a trampoline can actually accomplish.


Let’s face it – just about the most fun you could have would be to fly through the air, and the closest we can get to that is springing from a trampoline! At both ATP locations we offer separate spaces for people with different interests and abilities, so there’s fun for everyone! Our Main Court features floor and wall trampolines for older, more experienced bouncers. The Youth Court allows younger learners to get the feel of jumping without having to worry about getting bumped by larger participants. Foam pits are available for those who want to practice springs and flips without having to rebound on a trampoline and repeat the process. And, dodgeball courts are always popular, with people always lined up waiting for their turn.


Whether it’s a family reunion, a school accomplishment or a holiday gathering, ATP is an awesome place to host a celebration. And, our birthday parties are extremely popular! We have Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages for groups from ten jumpers to as many as 20. Each package includes a pre-determined amount of time for enjoying the trampoline jumping areas plus a set time for singing, eating and gifts. Birthday packages can include large pizzas (depending on the size of the group) and always include bottled drinks and all the paper products that are needed. We even provide downloadable invitations and follow-up Thank You notes!


If your school, church, charity or other non-profit organization is looking for a unique way to raise money, trampolines are your answer. All you have to do is call the manager at the location you want and select a date that falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. On the day of your fundraiser, every customer who mentions your organization when they check in will pay full price to jump and we will donate $2 back to your organization. And, if 100 people or more participate, we will donate $3 each! The more people you get to come, the more money you make.


A steady, rhythmic workout on our trampolines produces a low-impact routine that increases your metabolism and burns off those pesky calories while you strengthen your legs, buttocks and the core muscles in your abdomen. During your play time, uh workout, you will increase the oxygen to your body’s muscles and your breathing rate and maintain that level throughout your exercise period. And, it is precisely this type of sustained movement that has been shown to improve physical health as well as emotional health, while it works to help control weight.  Trampoline jumping is excellent for your health! What more could you ask for?