Can you remember the last time that you skipped? Not skipped a lunch, class or dreaded meeting. But, the last time that you purposely propelled your body to soar through the air. One foot after another. Hop, fly. Hop again, fly some more. Although it may look silly, it’s quite spectacular! Moreover, if you put a brood of trampoline kids on a bouncy surface it’s even more fun! In fact, that’s exactly what we do at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park – Greensboro. Better yet, we welcome adults to launch themselves into the air as well!

Why You Should Jump

Clearly, defying gravity is a fabulous sensation. As a matter of fact, there’s an entire song based on releasing the constraints of all that pulls us down. Of course, if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s more about escaping emotional encumbrances. But, it’s pretty freeing to listen to as you propel your body and soul through empty space on a trampoline. So, give it a try. We think you’ll like it.

Furthermore, hopping about is great exercise. Plus, an object in motion, stays in motion. Additionally, sustaining a workout is much more entertaining when you’ve tricked your brain into thinking it’s not work, but fun. Hopping on a trampoline achieves all of the above. So, get yourself and the kids moving for some high-flying fun at Rockin’ Jump!

Join the Trampoline Kids Craze at Rockin’ Jump

At Rockin’ Jump, we take the idea of trampoline kids to a whole new level. You can skip, flip, flop and fly as freely as you please. Our trampolines provide multiple methods to help you do it. For example, check out a few of our favorite attractions:

  • Open Jump Arena – free jump with friends
  • X-Beam – perfect your balance and battle talents
  • Slam Dunk Zone – fly high and show off slam-dunking skills
  • Bashball – bounce and bump around a corral in a life-sized ball
  • 6-&-Under Area – slide, climb and play in a kid-friendly arena
  • Foam Pit Arena – fly and flip into our JumpSafe® environment

If this isn’t enough to let your soaring imagination run wild, check out our ideas for fun trampoline kids games. Indeed, we put a whole new twist on Simon says, Dodge Ball, Hot Potato and Horse! Fortunately, you can enjoy all of these classic favorites in a safe and supervised indoor environment.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our kind Facebook review by Essie. “Thanks for a great time! The grandkids loved it and they were tired when we left!” Thank you, Essie! We’re always glad to send home happy kids who will sleep peacefully.

Today, grab your tickets to the best high-flying fun in the Triad at Rockin’ Jump Greensboro!