Here at Rockin’ Jump, we love giving families a fun way to stay active no matter what the weather. You can enjoy a wide range of activities at our trampoline park for one low price. Kids of all ages enjoying jumping at Rockin’ Jump! Here are some of our activities for all ages.

Our Main Jump Arena and Foam Pit

First, head to our main arena for some fun jumping. Our staff supervises this large area so you can rest assured that jumpers of all ages will be safe. For smaller jumpers, we also have a zone specifically for guests under the age of six. This allows our youngest jumpers to gain confidence since older kids can get a little wild in the main arena. If you want the ultimate jump experience for any toddler or young jumper, you can also come to Rockin’ Tots. During Rockin’ Tots, our entire facility is open only to younger jumpers and their parents. Learn more about Rockin’ Tots here.

Additionally, jumpers who want to work on more intense flips and acrobatics can use our foam pit. In this area, you can flip into thousands of safe, clean foam blocks. It really allows you to get some air while flipping, so you can perfect your form (or just have fun).

You never have to worry about safety when jumping and flipping at our park. Not only do we monitor each area, but we’re also a member of the ASTM Section F24 Standards committee. This committee holds its members to a high level of standards for amusement park facilities like Rockin’ Jump. You can learn more about our safety standards here. For any questions about our rules or policies, click here to contact a member of the Rockin’ Jump staff. If you’re wondering about the weight limit, the trampoline manufacturer recommends a maximum of 275 lbs.

Other Trampoline Park Activities

If you need a bounce break from normal jumping and flipping, check out our other trampoline activities. Kids and teens love competing in our Slam Dunk Zone or X-beam challenge. You can also race through our ninja course, which challenges your speed, balance, and agility. Or, check out our freestyle court for some fun parkour jumping.

Additionally, we love hosting games of dodge ball.  You can join in with other jumpers at our facility, or if you host your birthday party at Rockin’ Jump, you can get a free private game.

 Learn more about our attractions and activities here. As with our main arena, all attractions have a monitor to ensure safety. For us, safety is always the top priority!

Don’t Forget Our Rock-Climbing Wall and Arcade

When your legs need a jumping break, try out our non-jumping attractions. Yes, our trampoline park has areas for fun without trampolines! Our rock-climbing wall is a challenge for all ages. If you like games, you can also check out the arcade. For parents, we have a relaxation zone where you can rest in a massage chair or simply watch your kids jump. There are seating areas throughout the facility for parents and for jumpers to take a break.

Here at Rockin’ Jump, we do our best to keep our prices low and affordable for all families. Although amusement parks and other family activities can easy be $50+ per person, our tickets start at just $11.95. Also, we have special promotions and coupons to help you save even more money.

Avoid the line; book your tickets online now. We look forward to seeing you at Rockin’ Jump soon!