trampoline park greensboro, ncMany people have fond memories of jumping on the backyard trampoline as a kid. That same thrill and excitement of bouncing higher and higher and doing acrobatic flips midair is being re-created at indoor trampoline parks across the world. These venues continue to increase in popularity as families from all over search for new and unique ways to spend quality time together. Fortunately, the fun has also made its way to the Triad area. Rockin’ Jump’s trampoline park in Greensboro, NC offers wall-to-wall jumping action along with a myriad of other attractions. Not only does this amount to endless hours of entertainment, but it also means there’s something for every age and interest.

Activities You’ll Find at Rockin’ Jump

While it may sound like nothing could be better than bouncing off the walls for hours and hours, there are plenty of other things to do at Rockin’ Jump’s trampoline park in Greensboro, NC that are equally as exhilarating. Visitors will have no problem staying engaged and will enjoy all the variety that’s offered.

Basketball: The Slam Dunk Zone turns dreams into reality for those who have always wondered how it would feel to dunk like some of basketball’s greatest legends. Trampoline launch pads make it possible to reach the rim just like an NBA superstar.
Dodge ball: Those who love a good game of dodge ball will appreciate being able to elevate the competition to new heights and interact with other jumpers in this version of trampoline dodge ball. Players must still run around to avoid getting hit, while incorporating their best bounces and flips.
Jousting: As if there wasn’t enough excitement going on at this trampoline park in Greensboro, NC, there’s also an opportunity for visitors to discover their inner gladiator on the jousting beams. X Beam Jousting pits two opponents against one another until there’s only one left standing.
Rock Climbing: Visitors who really want to challenge themselves can test their rock climbing skills. It can be a race against friends, or a slow and methodical approach can be taken to ensure a successful climb to the top.
Foam Pit: When open jump areas are on the busier side, it may not be the best time to start demonstrating tricks. That’s when jumpers can turn to the foam pit to show off their flips, twists, and other stunts. The soft landing makes it the ideal place to perfect new maneuvers.
Human Hamster Ball: These human-sized hamster balls are ready to provide a whole new level of fun. For an extra fee, visitors can climb in and bump, bounce, and run their way through the designated Hamster Ball Corral.
Why Everyone Loves to Visit the Local Trampoline Park in Greensboro, NC

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park Greensboro, NC

Rockin’ Jump’s trampoline park in Greensboro, NC is a favored destination for all ages. It has something that everyone in the family can enjoy and brings children and their parents together in a way no other activity can. One of the best things about indoor trampoline parks is they promote good health and exercise. It’s also a year-round attraction that can be experienced regardless of the weather outside. Hop online to book your jump time today.