trampoline park greensboroIn recent years, trampolines have become very popular, especially with kids, which is why they are now commonly seen in backyards. But to fill the gap for people who do not want to buy their own trampoline, parks have started to spring up. And while there are a variety of trampoline parks in and around Greensboro now, they are not all the same. In fact, some are clearly better than others. If you are thinking about taking your family to a trampoline park in Greensboro, these are the five factors to think about:


Let’s start with the easy one. While it is pretty obvious that a trampoline park would have trampolines, a good one needs to have more than just a few. The best parks have wall-to-wall trampolines that can allow for many jumpers at once. This cuts down on wait time and ensures that everyone will always be able to have fun.

Trampoline games

Another key attribute of a good Greensboro trampoline park is its assortment of games. Sure, just jumping can provide a lot of enjoyment, but the experience is enhanced when games like slam dunk basketball and dodge ball are thrown into the mix.

Non-trampoline stuff

Great trampoline parks have other activities for people who want to take a breather from the trampolines or are just looking for something else to do, such as arcade games, rock climbing walls, foam pits and even hamster balls!

Party venue

If you have a child that loves to be active, a birthday party at a trampoline park is an excellent idea. However, a small, single activity trampoline park will not be able to accommodate everyone and provide a festive atmosphere. You need to find a park big enough and one that offers party packages to make your life a lot easier.


Because you of course want your kids to be protected at all times, safety has to be a big concern when visiting a trampoline park. The staff has to be well-trained and make safety their biggest priority.

Rockin’ Jump is the best trampoline park in Greensboro!

Now that you know what to look for in a trampoline park, the next step is locating one that meets all of those requirements. The good news is that you do not have to look very far to find one. Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park checks off everything on the list. We have tons of trampolines for people of all ages, as well as games, including basketball and dodge ball. Our park is popular with all ages, since many people are now realizing that our activities are a great way to exercise while having fun! Burning calories and building muscles while enjoying activities with friends and family is a great way to work out! Our After Dark nights are very popular as a new weekend activity.

We also have lots of other great stuff, such as an arcade full of video games and even human hamster balls! On top of that, we are one of the best spots in town to host a party and we can handle the entire thing for you, from your online invitations to the thank you notes!. Lastly, we want your family to have an amazing time when you come see us, which is why safety is so important to us. For all of these reasons, Rockin’ Jump is the premier trampoline park in Greensboro!