See if this scenario sounds familiar: It is late afternoon or the weekend and you want to do something with your friends or family. You all sit around or converse over the phone or through text to try to come up with something everyone can agree on. A lot of ideas probably get tossed out. Movie? No, nothing good is playing. Bowling? No, it is probably league night. Dinner? No, everyone wants to go somewhere different. So, where does that leave you? You either work to come up with a consensus until it is probably too late to do anything or you all go do separate things. Either way, the day has sort of been a bust. Chances are this has happened to you at some point. The excitement of going out to do something quickly evaporates when no one can decide what that is. If only someone had wondered “is there a trampoline near me?” Then you would have the solution to your problem.

Why a trampoline park is great for everyone

Movies and bowling are okay, but how many times have you done those things? If you are sick of doing the same stuff all the time, a trampoline park is the perfect option. At Rockin’ Jump, you will have tons of fun bouncing on our trampolines, and you can even play basketball and dodgeball on them. On select weekend nights we also have bouncing in the dark, where you will be able to jump in the dark while wearing a neon t-shirt or necklace. We even have an arcade stocked with an assortment of video games you can check out between jumping sessions. The best part is that when you ask if there is a trampoline park near me, the answer is yes! We have two very convenient locations.

Keep this in mind: There is a trampoline park near me.

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park has two facilities in the Triad area:


Our Greensboro location is 4215 West Gate City Boulevard, not far from the Westgate Shopping Center. We are also only about two miles off of I-40.


Rockin’ Jump in Winston-Salem is located at 7840 North Point Boulevard, which is close to the intersection of North Point Boulevard and University Parkway.

Both of our locations are very easy to find and they are also close by an assortment of restaurants and cafes, so you can grab a bite to eat either before or after you come see us.

The next time you are looking to have a fun evening out, all you have to do is ask “is there a trampoline park near me?” and remember that whether you live in Greensboro or Winston-Salem, you can find Rockin’ Jump. And after you visit us once, you will definitely want to come back, and you will happily drive by a bowling alley or movie theater to get to us. You will probably also want to hop on social media and post about “the great trampoline park near me.”