Looking for some fun?  Why not try a trampoline parks?  Whether you’re a parent looking for an enjoyable evening activity that the whole family can get a charge out of together or a teenager trying to plan a night out with friends, trampoline parks are the perfect solution. Though there is plenty of fun to be had at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park on a daily basis, there’s nothing quite like jumping in the dark. That’s what makes our After Dark events in Greensboro, NC so special. Even if you’ve been here plenty of times during regular business hours, there’s no doubt you’ll look forward to the exceptional thrill of After Dark.

After Dark Details

Throughout the year, Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park invites visitors to come experience the trampoline park in a new way and encounter a different kind of excitement from flying high in the sky. Every Friday and Saturday evenings After Dark events are held once the sun has gone down. Jumpers will only have neon LED lighting and glow-in-the-dark necklaces to illuminate their trampoline action. From 7PM to 10PM, guests will have the opportunity to show off their best moves to lively music and will also have full access to all of the activities that can be found at the trampoline park during the daylight hours as well, including a foam pit, dodgeball, and arcade games.

For $20, jumpers get admission for two hours of the After Dark event. Additionally, Jumpers will receive a pair of Rockin’ Socks and a glow necklace. Don’t forget to wear a white or neon T-shirt! If you don’t have one, don’t worry! You can buy a Rockin’ Jump neon shirt for $7 when you arrive. Being that Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park is one of the only trampoline parks to offer this unique event in the Greensboro area, it’s recommended that guests prepare to arrive early so as not to miss out once capacity is reached. You can also reserve your spot online HERE.

Benefits of Visiting Trampoline Parks

Indoor trampoline parks allow friends and families to gather together for a good time no matter what the weather may be like outside. People of all ages can appreciate the entertainment that trampoline parks provide, and aside from After Dark, Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park hosts a wide variety of events for just about any occasion imaginable. From birthday parties to corporate gatherings and church outings, there isn’t a venue more equipped to make sure everyone has the time of their life.

In addition to all the memories visitors walk away with from trampoline parks is the knowledge of just having gotten in a good workout. It’s important for both adults and children to get out and exercise these days, and there’s no better answer for that than jumping your way to fitness.

Trampoline parks are popular for many reasons, but jumping in the dark adds a whole new dimension of fun. Watch the Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park website and Facebook page for a list of scheduled After Dark dates, and get ready to have a blast with friends and family.