If you need a place for your kids to have fun, you should visit Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park of Greensboro. Whether your kid is a sports enthusiast, a lover of all things trampoline, or a non-experienced jumper, everyone will have loads of fun. What could possibly be more fun? Check out all of the trampolines your kids and teens can enjoy at Rockin’ Jump!

Open Jump Areas and Foam Pit

For the less experienced jumper, the open jump area is a perfect place to begin the adventure. Multiple trampolines line the space and you jump from space to space. You are welcome to do flips, cartwheels, or anything else you can imagine.

If someone is apprehensive about flips, the foam pit may be the answer to that problem. They can jump through the air, flip, and have no fear. They will land into a pit filled with foam squares, making a pleasant landing.

Sports Enthusiasts Rejoice: Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk Zone, X-Beam Jousting

For the sports lovers in the crowd, trampolines just add more to the fun.

If you thought dodge ball was exciting, you should try it on a trampoline. Jumping from trampoline to trampoline, throwing balls while evading the other dodge balls’ strikes is an absolute thrill.

If dodge ball isn’t the sport for you, what about basketball? The highest excitement in basketball comes when players run towards the basket and dunk the ball in dramatic fashion. Even if you are short or bad at basketball, you can imagine yourself in this moment at Rockin’ Jump. They have the Slam Dunk Zone. Get a short running start, bounce on the trampoline, soar through the sky, and dunk the ball in the net! Imagine the crowd going wild.

Then, try your luck in the gladiator ring with X-Beam Jousting. Test your balance on the beam as an opponent attempts to knock you into the foam below with a lance. Whoever holds their balance the longest is the victor!

Trampolines at Night – After Dark Jumping

Add a little darkness and everything gets a little cooler, especially for the preteens and teenagers. It is no different at Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park. Every Friday and Saturday from 7 to 10 pm, jump while lasers, black lights, and strobe lights illuminate the room.

Admittance into After Dark jumping hours is only $20! You receive 2 hours of jump time, a pair of Rockin’ socks, and a glow necklace. For safety purposes, you need to be wearing white or neon colors in order to jump.

Make sure that you book your slot early in the week, since the available spaces fill up quickly.

Keeping it Fun at Rockin’ Jump

It is impossible to leave Rockin’ Jump without having a good time! “It’s a great time for adults and kids. Very friendly staff,” said 5-star Google reviewer Keisean El. Call today (336-355-1585) or check online to book your time.