As parents in the Triad, we are all looking for fun places in Greensboro NC. If you have children, you are probably used to them coming to you and saying how bored they are. It does not matter that they have a room full of games and toys; inevitably they will get tired of seeing and playing with the same stuff and look for other ways to be entertained. And while school is good for taking up a good portion of days during the week, you then have to think about after school and weekends. Instead of just plopping your kids in front of the TV or computer or handing them some sort of electronic device, you should think about other options. For example, there are a ton of fun places in Greensboro, NC, your kids will enjoy visiting. Here are some of the best:

Greensboro Science Center

If your kids love animals, you need to take a trip over to the Greensboro Science Center. In addition to an assortment of animals to see, there are many hands-on activities and learning opportunities. There is also a petting zoo and 3D movie theater.

Greensboro Historical Museum

Are your children interested in learning more about Greensboro? This is the place to do it. Celebrating the history and culture of the city, the collections in the museum cover the history of Guilford County and the impact of events such as the Civil War. Notable people from the area are also documented, including Dolley (aka Dolly) Madison and O. Henry.

Outdoor activities

Greensboro is home to many parks and a variety of beautiful outdoor spaces. The Bog Garden, Bicentennial Garden, and Arboretum are all excellent spots to take a leisurely stroll. There are also several parks that contain playgrounds and other fun things to do, including Barber Park and Bryan Park.

Greensboro Children’s Museum

For hours of fun, head on over to the Greensboro Children’s Museum, which is perfect for kids up to age 10. There are over 20 hands-on exhibits that encourage kids to learn, play, and use their imaginations.

Weatherspoon Art Museum

Do you have some budding Picassos on your hands? Think about taking them to the Weatherspoon Art Museum. There are always interesting exhibitions, and this is a great way to introduce your kids to different types of art. Plus, the admission is free!

Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park- The BEST of the Fun Places in Greensboro NC

Are you trying to get your kids to be more active? The best way to do this is to be sure to incorporate fun. At Rockin’ Jump, fun is the main ingredient. We have wall-to-wall trampolines your kids will love jumping on for hours, which means that they will be exercising for hours. For even more fun, kids can play dodgeball or basketball on our trampolines, and we even have a foam pit and arcade. Rockin’ Jump is also the perfect place for a party. We offer different packages that include food, drinks, and plenty of time to jump! When you are looking for fun places in Greensboro, NC, be sure to keep Rockin’ Jump in mind.