toddler trampolineToddler trampoline benefits go beyond the obvious physical benefits.

Children learn best when they can move and be physical. Jumping on a trampoline can benefit a child’s learning abilities. 

Four Toddler Trampoline Benefits

  1. Improves Motor Skills: Jumping on a trampoline forces a child to use both sides of their brain and body to keep control and coordination. It is a great idea to help a child with body control at an early age. This gives them more time to master their motor skills. Muscle control and coordination is beneficial in a toddler’s ability to learn such things as handwriting.
  2. Influences Learning Success: The physical activity of jumping helps increase the circulation of oxygen to the brain. This improves a child’s alertness and focus. Trampoline time may help young ones that don’t have many opportunities to be physically active throughout the week. Parents and guardians can also use this time to incorporate learning through play. Take this opportunity to engage your child in learning about counting, shapes, body parts, following directions, etc.
  3. Helps self-esteem and confidence: Anytime a child learns and masters a new skill, their confidence improves. Confidence directly relates to a child’s self-esteem. Encourage and praise your toddler as they show off their jumping skills.
  4. Builds the Value of Persistence: Children often want to master something that is fun. To do this they must keep trying. Trampoline jumping is a perfect way to teach a child that persistence pays off. Your child will start to associate this concept with success. This value will build and be used in other learning areas of their life, such as academics.

Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro is The Place to Go

Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro provides a wonderful opportunity for your toddler to have fun and learn. They have a designated area for children 6 years of age and under. This is a sectioned off part of the Main Jump Arena where only this younger age group is allowed.

Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro prides themselves on having up-to-date safety features to help protect your toddlers. They have developed a trademarked safety program called JumpSafe™. This program helps you, your loved ones and the staff to ensure that every experience at Rockin’ Jump is Safe. Clean. Fun.™ This in mind, it is still important as a parent or guardian to know and learn the Rockin’ Jump rules and safety precautions.

If you have been looking for a fun outlet for your toddler’s energy and a chance to improve their learning skills, then Rockin’ Jump of Greensboro is the place to take them!