indoor trampoline park near meDon’t let winter weather hinder your child’s physical activity. Check out the Rockin’ Jump indoor trampoline park near me in Greensboro, NC.

Kids can jump, flip and bounce their way into play-based exercise. Don’t think this is just for kids. Teens and adults can join in on the fun and exercise!

A Trampoline Park Near Me – Lots of Attractions

Open Jump Arena

This is the large main jumping area. Here you can jump with friends and preform acrobatic stunts like flips.

Slam Dunk Zone

Anyone can experience the thrill of making a slam dunk. You just need a trampoline under your feet. Now you can slam dunk like a basketball pro!

Dodge Ball Arena

All the same fun of regular dodge ball but with the added excitement of bouncing. Bring your friends and find out who is dodge ball champ in this arena!


Come run, bounce, and bump in our life-sized soft plastic inflated Bashballs. You are in a contained Bashball Corral. This is fun to try – there is an extra charge for this activity.

X Beam Jousting

Are you competitive? Here you have the opportunity to hold your own on the jousting balance beam. If you lose, you fall into a pit of foam! Come see how talented you are with a padded lance.

Rock Climbing Wall

Need a break from jumping? Try out the multi-level skill challenge rock wall. Climb by yourself or race a friend.

Foam Pit

This attraction is great for all ages. Here anyone can practice flips, back-flips and all in-the-air tricks! The perfect place to practice your moves before going into the main arena.

After Dark

Want an exciting new way to experience trampoline fun? Come to an After Dark event! For one flat fee of $20, you get all the regular fun but with lasers, black lights and special strobes. This event includes 2 hours of jumping, a pair of Rockin’ socks and a glow necklace. Get online today to reserve a spot!

6 Years of Age and Under

Not to worry about the little ones…we have a huge area dedicated to those in this age group. They can jump, bounce and play games, all in a supervised area away from the older jumpers.

Why Greensboro Rockin’ Jump Trampoline Park?

“My son loved the After Dark jump experience. We went during the day with a Groupon deal and learned about the glow night fun, so, we came back for more fun. The dodge ball and hamster ball were big hits. The hamster ball experience is an extra cost on top of the normal jump time. I recommend bringing a towel because the kids work up a sweat. Great fun!” Keshia Hamoud

Let your kids come work out that pent-up winter energy from being stuck inside. No matter your age, there is something for everyone. Come jump your winter blues away at the ultimate indoor trampoline park near me – Greensboro, NC!